Personal responsibility and commitment characterize our actions

We have cultivated our corporate culture since the beginning of our existence and do not take it for granted. Mutual respect, collegiality, personal responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking are essential characteristics of our culture. We expect our employees to play an active role and contribute to the further development of our corporate culture.

What sets us apart?

We are committed to equal opportunity for all IST employees and to fostering a constructive work environment. Every voice is heard, regardless of gender, origin, faith, sexual orientation, age or physical impairment. We stand for diversity as a reflection of our society.

Corporate culture for over 50 years

Since our founding over 50 years ago, we have been contributing to the sustainable and long-term security of occupational retirement provision by means of first-class and innovative investment solutions. This is also our goal for the next five decades. As a non-profit company, we place the interests of our investors at the center of our daily work, along with independence, competence, commitment and integrity as our core values. These values are also an integral part of our mission statement and strategy.

What kind of employees are we looking for?

We are looking for interested and committed employees with a high level of expertise, creative drive and ideas who want to contribute to the further growth of IST as an active team member. As an employee, you will benefit from our independence and short decision-making paths, which are not determined by internal politics.

Find out about our current vacancies and apply if the position matches your qualifications and experience.